Refuse to be Passive

A Rant- Drinking and Driving

In Life in General on November 25, 2009 at 10:22 am

Everyone has heard the saying, “Friends don’t let friends drink and drive.” I have a particularly strong beef with people who get smashed and then drive. For example, this is a status updated on one of my “friends” from Facebook:
“I swear to God, I am the only person that can go out on a Tuesday night, and get smashed, and have the person you’re getting a ride home with who…you’re pretty sure is also smashed, have a cop park right behind his truck waiting for you to leave the pub. Has anybody else had this happen…? This is ridiculous!”
Well first of all “friend” you should be glad that the cop was there waiting for you to leave the pub. It’s called a cab! If you’re dumb enough to get drunk, at least be smart enough to not drink and drive. I’ve lost people I love because of people like you. I’d slap you across the face if you were here with me right now. It’s pretty simple: you get in a truck with someone whose smashed behind the wheel, and you’re not only endangering your own life, but others as well. What gives you that right. What gives you the right to take someone else’s life into your hands. How arrogant and irresponsible. Whatever smidgen of respect I had for you I just lost. How could you? Really, how could you?
And to the cop who was waiting for these guys to leave the pub. Thanks for doing your job. You really do save lives. Next time, see if you can’t find some way to chuck them in jail overnight. Let them think over what they were about to do.


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