Refuse to be Passive


In Life in General, Movies with a bit of TV on November 16, 2009 at 10:22 am

A month and a half after canceling my cable subscription, they finally disconnected me. No more TV for Maria. And, as I own relatively few movies and lack both a DVD player and a VCR, my TV is getting no use. Actually, I should qualify the “no DVD player;” I do have on on my laptop, which I use on a semi-regular basis. But goodness, what a lot of free time I have now! The evenings seem to be much longer than I remember them, and I’m getting a lot more done…I think. Somehow I still feel like I’m running a little behind, but maybe that’s because I’ve picked up reading again. Books used to be the TV of the world. It kind of makes me look at reading differently, as well as genres of reading. Can you imagine studying TV programs in university? Actually, come to think of it, some people probably do, but not nearly as a many as those who study English literature. And the literature English majors study are like the quality TV shows, rather than the trash. Although, these days the trash seems to be piling up. So, if TV is the reading of the past, what shows should be studied in university courses?

Random, I know.

  1. Star Trek for sure.

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