Refuse to be Passive

Pig Me

In Life in General on November 9, 2009 at 5:22 pm

A couple of months ago I found something delightful in my mailbox at work. It was a stressball, a pink piggybank.  Since that time, the pig has been adopted by all in the office. Part of the reason it is so beloved is that it bounces extremely well, and is fairly easy to catch. Therefore, it’s not unusual for a passerby to hear someone on the office say, “Pig me.” Then a pink pig whizzes across the office and into waiting hands. At least for the most part. There have been some unintentional bank shots, or a co-worker who has issues catching because her fingers are too small (fetus fingers, she calls them). But for the most part, all love the pig. Just make sure that you’re paying attention, and don’t move back to your computer screen too quickly, or a pig may just land on your head, lobbed from the next office over.


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