Refuse to be Passive

Oh, high schoolers

In Life in General on November 1, 2009 at 9:46 pm

Sometimes I think that a high schooler’s favourite word is ‘why.’ And it’s not usually said with curiosity, but rather resentment or snarkiness. I lead the youth group at my church and the teens are great. Really, I think they’re fantastic. If I had to leave Edmonton tomorrow, they would be some of the people I”d miss most. They’re real, with me and with each other. It’s hard to believe that at this time last year I was thinking about quitting because none of the teens would talk to me. Now, try getting them to shut up. It’s a good problem to have though. It means that I’ve passed the test and have gotten the stamp of approval. This is no minor feat. But there are a couple that look at me like I’m an alien whenever I suggest doing service work. And then I get a snarky, “why?” out of them. Isn’t why obvious to kids who have grown up in the church? Apparently not. Maybe that’ll be the topic of the next Bible study. We had a blast tonight though, and have some really good conversation amidst the typical high schooler talk. It wasn’t what I thought it would be at all, and I commented on that to one of the youth, and he said, “Yeah, but it was good.” That’s what I love to hear. Not, “Youth group sucks.” Which is the mentality of at least one of my youth who comes only because his parents force him to. God’ll have to do something there. It’s beyond me. Two of my guys (it’s all guys except for one girl), will be graduating from high school this year and I’m really going to miss them. They’re pretty amazing. They’re great with the younger teens, and both live lives that are great examples to their peers. So, I aim to work with them as much as I can this year, because next year is going to be some big changes for them. But of course, I won’t do so at the expense of my other youth. Prayer for my group is always appreciated. I’m deffinitely not the perfect vessel for this job, but I’m willing to be used if God will have me. And the brilliant thing about God, is he’ll use you no matter what shape you’re in as long as you’re willing.


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