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An Office Prank

In Life in General on October 25, 2009 at 2:57 pm

So the other day I felt that our office needed a bit of a boost, some spicing up, so I decided to prank one of my co-workers. I thought about doing something extreme, but I wasn’t sure how the person I was pranking would re-act, and if he found out if was me, I imagined that it would escalate rather quickly. So, I decided to start small and simple.

My co-worker has a laser mouse and I put a sticky note on the bottom of it, so that It wouldn’t read. Now, I am notoriously bad at keeping a straight face when confronted with someone I’ve pranked, so thankfully I was out of the office when the results went down. I wandered back into the office and one of my other co-worker’s, who knew what I’d done, said, “Hey Maria, Someone pranked Justin’s computer. They put a sticky note under his mouse. He even restarted his computer before he figured it out.” Of course, her voice was dripping with …implication? And Justin was looking right at me to see how I’d react. Would I implicate myself? I kind of smirked in an attempt to mask my grin and asked something along the lines of, “Hmm…I wonder who would do that?” Apparently I didn’t implicate myself, because I heard him telling someone else about it later that day, and he mentioned that it might have been someone in the office, but he wasn’t sure. The truly brilliant thing is that he found this prank rather amusing and then promptly headed into my boss’ office and did the same thing to her mouse. Her reaction was priceless. She stressed a bit, and then started saying, “Okay, what did you guys do to my computer,” in her frantic voice. I could go in depth, but just picture someone over-reacting and you’ve about got it.

So now, what to do next?

Oh, and if somehow Justin is reading this (I don’t think he knows about this blog, but stranger thing have happened), then I guess I’ll be getting pranked in the next couple of days.

And if you know Justin, don’t tell. There’s more to come.842316_stickie_note

  1. That’s a brilliant idea. You don’t mind if I plagiarize that one, do you?

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