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To Add or Not To Add?

In Life in General on October 24, 2009 at 10:58 am

Disclaimer: For those of you not on Facebook, my appologies if this post makes little sense.

About a month ago I did a crazy thing and went into my Facebook friends and deleted the people I haven’t talked to in five years.  I figured if they really wanted to be my Facebook friend they would just add me again. My dilema comes here. Some of them I really don’t want as Facebook friends. I mean, honestly, you weren’t my friend when I knew you, so why should you be privy to the aspects of my life now that we never see each other? This question runs through my head currently as I have a friend request waiting. This person was never mean to me, but we haven’t been friends since grade 4. I can understand wanting to know what someone is up to, but I hate it when people look at your page just to see how well (or not well) you’ve been doing since high school. And once they know they click off your page, not even shooting you an e-mail to say hello. This isn’t a friend, this is an information hoarder. Or maybe it’s a friend hoarder. I know someone who has 848 friends on Facebook. Based on that alone (and this may sound snobish), I’m not sure I’d add him as a friend. Quite frankly, you can message people without being their friend, so no problems there if I ever need to contact him. So the question becomes, do I click yes to the friend request. I know I can limit this person’s access to my profile, but I’m not sure I want them seeing it at all. It’s not that I don’t trust them, I just don’t see what the point of it would be.

  1. If they’re not your friend, don’t friend them (my humble opinion). But I’ve un-friended people because of their friends. Maybe I’m just anti-social. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you think twice about posting something that you want the majority of friends to see just because of a few who you don’t.

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