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Happy Thanksgiving!…and Merry Christmas?

In Life in General on October 12, 2009 at 7:38 pm

It’s October 12 and there’s snow on the ground. And I don’t mean a little skiff, I mean a good inch or two. I had to scrape the ice off my windshield this afternoon. I thought that Thanksgiving was supposed to have a chill in the air and be filled with fall colours of orange, red, auburn, yellow, gold, and brown. I didn’t think it was supposed to be white. But white it is. And it’s making me crave mint hotchocolate, rather than the pumpkin spice lattes I should be wanting. But whatcha goona do.

It was a great day though. A couple of friends came over and we had a fabulous dinner filled with much too much food.  Ham, honey corn bread, Waldorf salad, roasted root vegetables, and for desert, cherry cake. Truly delicious, brining on a truly horrid stomach ache. My fault. As always, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Then we spent the afternoon winding down with tea and a good conversation. What a lovely day. A completely lazy day.

Now, I’d said that each day this weekend I was going to blog about a different thing I was thankful for. I missed yesterday, so I guess I’ll do two today.

The first is the ability to read and write. It’s something I take for granted every day. I can’t imagine how my life would change without those abilities. Some of my best memories and greatest joys in life were found in the pages of a book, or in the writing of a short story. When I was little and my father was putting me to bed, I’d ask him to read me a story. He’s say, “One or two?” And I’d say, “Give me another choice.” “Okay, two or three.” “Give me another choice.” This went on and on occasion I’d get five stories. But beware greedy little girl. If you push too far, you’ll find that you get no story. All of a sudden it would be “one or zero.” And then you’d get one. If you were silly enough to ask yet again, it was “zero or zero.” This probably only happened once. I’d say the average was three. Thank you papa for reading to me on so many nights. Thanks for doing the voices and for reading the same books over and over again. You taught me to love reading. I love you for that.

 And the last one will be coming soon.


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