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Fall has…fallen?

In Life in General on September 30, 2009 at 9:59 am

Fall has…fallen. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as “spring has sprung,” does it? Oh well, fall is in full force here in Edmonton, with today’s high being only 10 degrees. I decided that maybe it was a good idea to try to get one more day out of my bright pink summer dress and yellow open-toed sandals. Bad idea.   I was freezing by the time I got into work. The wind nipped at my legs and hands, and I was thankful I’d at least remembered to wear a sweater.

My hopes are that this weekend will provide a bit of nice weather for a walk in the river bottom, before I miss the fall colours on the trees all together. If the wind would die down and we’d have a day at 18 degrees, that would be perfect. Particularly if my schedule for that day isn’t already jam packed with one of the many things I’ve taken on this fall.

Yesterday I had a delightful surprise in that a co-worker brought me a pumpkin-spice latte after reading my Facebook status, telling of my cravings for my favourite autumn drink. It’s a delight to have friends like that, people who just put a smile on your face by their purely generous nature. So to that friend, thank you!

This morning I was up well before the sun, which is now waiting to rise until just after 7 a.m. I was out of bed at 5 a.m. and headed to the pool by twenty-after-five for my morning swim. Normally I get up for swimming at six, but as there was a breakfast meeting this morning, it had to be earlier. Now, most of you will be asking why in the world I didn’t just decide to skip today. It was tempting, believe you me. However, due to the fact that I’ve missed my past two swim days due to being sick, I felt it was time to get back at it. That and I had a co-worker who said he was going to check in with me this morning to see if I actually went, to which I said, “of course I’ll go.” That was before I realized I had a breakfast meeting. Oh well. C’est la vie. Skipping just was not an option. And thankfully, it was a great swim.

  1. Good work. I did the same thing with my nightly exercises last night. Boy did I ever not feel like doing them, but after I did I felt much better 🙂

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