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A long weekend gone

In Life in General on September 28, 2009 at 3:31 pm

I had the privilege of taking a long weekend the past few days. My sister was down visiting with her son, and it was delightful. At least Friday was. We spent the day hitting up IKEA, baking ginger cookies, and trying our hand at homemade bread. The cookies were good, but the bread was delightful. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to store bought bread again. Homemade bread can have so much depth. And you control how healthy it is.

Saturday I spent most of the day at my church doing a workshop on leading worship. And by worship I mean all that worship entails, not just singing. The evening I spent hanging out with my sisters and my brother-in-law. We made stir-fry and watched Wolverine. What a great weekend thus far! But oh, then a turn for the worse. I got sick about halfway through the movie and it followed me through the rest of the weekend. I wound up being in so much pain that I fainted. Thankfully, after 12 hours the worst had subsided. I spent the next 24 in recovery, spending most of my day doing nothing. And, as I figured, I woke up this morning with some stiffness and a headache, but nothing that would keep me away from work. Now I don’t get sick often, and I am truly thankful for that. That and I would rather have 12 brutal hours than two weeks of a massive cold. But why is it that I only seem to be sick on weekends. Strange. On the other hand, while it shoots your weekend, you don’t get behind at work.

Martha and Cade took off this morning after joining me at work for lunch. Thankfully, Martha and Cade had many other people to visit and places to be, so they weren’t stuck with a sickie the whole time, although she was perfectly nice about it.

All in all, not the weekend I think any of us expected, but c’est la vie. Life goes on.


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