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Shopping Time!

In Life in General on September 22, 2009 at 3:33 pm

I will be the first to admit that I hate the mall. I could easily go for months without entering its halls. But on Saturday I found myself heading down to Southgate to find myself a new dress for the Awards Ceremony I’d be MCing on Monday evening. A new dress might give me the boost I need to make it through that night. So, not even thinking of how much I despised malls, off I went. I decided that it wasn’t worth starting with Sears or The Bay, I’ve never found anything there I liked. Then I headed past my traditional stores to check, like Ricki’s and kept going. I’ve never found a dress there I like either. But I as I wandered past one store, it has sale signs in the window. Delightful! I love a good sale. But as my eyes looked up to see the name of the store I realized I was standing outside Banana Republic. Probably a little more pricey than I wanted, even if they were having a sale. But I steeled myself and headed in, forever chanting the mantra in my mind that my mother taught me. “A classic, well made piece never goes out of style and can last you for years to come. Think if it as an investment.”
I wandered through the store, picking things off the rack. I found a dress I loved, but it was fitted, so the odds of it looking good on me were slim to none. Oh well, add it to the pile.
I headed into the dressing room and started trying things on. The first two dresses were an absolute no. Sack dresses just do not work on me. Then I picked up the dress that had initally caught my eye when I’d entered the store. On the pricey end and not my typically structured dress, I almost hadn’t brought it into the change room with be. I slipped the dress on, did up the zipper and looked at myself in the mirror. It was official, my shopping trip was over. I made myself try on the other things I had brought into the dressing room just in case. I found two other great pieces, but neither as fantastic as the first. Sadly, my budget didn’t allow for all three, but I do think I have a new favourite store. Thank you Banana Republic for fitting my statuesque frame. Much obliged! Oh, and have I mentioned they also carry women’s tall? The excitement!
Oh, and here is a picture of my dress (although sadly, that’s not me in it):


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  1. It’s always nice to find a good dress!

  2. Beautiful on you !!! I can see it in my mind’s eye!!! You’ll have that dress for years and it will look good on you each time. Maybe you’re a bit like me. Buy classic, pay a little more, and no need to shop very often. And be happy with your purchase to boot!! How did the evening go? Were you nervous? Glad you found a store that has things which fit and for tall too. Lots of love, Aunt t.

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