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If you ever doubt…

In Life in General on September 14, 2009 at 9:12 am

If you ever doubt that people read your blog posts, stop doubting! I have the perfect example in that I am a contributor to a local environmental blog. A couple of months ago I blogged on watching a Jamie Oliver special called Fowl Dinners, which highlighted the living conditions in which the chickens, that appear on our kitchen tables, are raised in, in the UK. I also mentioned that this trend is not limited to the UK, and can be seen in many Canadian farms as well. I didn’t get any comments on the post. And then today, I got an e-mail from the RSPCA (the Brit version of the SPCA), asking me to write more about such things in light of a recent announcement that the British government is considering increasing the number of hens in a cage.
Go figure. I still don’t know what I’ll write, but I think I’ll do it. I’ll feel like a journalist, delving into a story. So odd that I’m writing about things happening in the UK thought.


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