Refuse to be Passive

Another week beings

In Life in General on August 24, 2009 at 2:51 pm

Life is different once you leave university. One week melds into the next. One season is effortlessly usurped by another. There is not defined end to the work year, and there is no defined vacations, or beginning of the next. One year drifts into the next and everything changes but still seems the same. It’s hard to notice the changes, as they’re slow and subtle. But they’re there. And if you could jump from now to the same time last year, you’d be shocked at how much has changed. Co-workers, friends, how you spend your weekend. It all changes. And yet, it all stays the same. Life is an odd thing. If you let it, it will just pass you by. But if you take time to notice, which I too rarely do, you’ll see the changes coming and going, you’ll see progression and one week will cease to meld into the next. Experiences will define you, and life can be fully lived. You just need to pay attention.


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