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Living in the Past

In Life in General on August 23, 2009 at 3:02 am

The other day my sister suggested that we visit Fort Edmonton Park today, and I agreed. I’d never been before, but expected it to be much like other historical parks I’d visited. I’d been to Upper Canada Village (in Ontario) and Heritage Park (in Calgary), but I was delighted to spend some time in old Edmonton. The park really is worth the visit. The interpreters were knowledgable and friendly, it wasn’t overly crowded, and the park covers the a variety of times. It has the Edmonton as a fort, then as a small settlement in 1885, then a bit from the early 1900’s, and then finishes off with Edmonton in the 1920’s. There’s even a small midway with a ferris wheel and carousel. And if you don’t feel like your feet can carry you the whole way, you have the option of riding a steam train from one end of the park to the other. This same train was used a few years ago in the filming of the movie The Assassination of Jesse James. I think the train actually might have been my favourite part. But, if you prefered a different method of transportation, you could opt for a trolly, a carriage, or a wagon ride (the last two of which cost a couple of dollars to ride). All in all, a delightful afternoon spent living in the past.The Midway


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