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Out with the Old…

In Art on August 21, 2009 at 5:41 pm

For the past year I’ve had a gigantic paintaing of a sunflower hanging in my office. I’ve never really liked it, and was delighted to pass it off to a co-worker who adored it. It wasn’t bad, but it deffinitely wasn’t anything amazing. So, for the past week there’s been a gaping space on my wall, just waiting to be filled. I contacted the head of the Art department to see what he had in storage, but wasn’t too hopeful as much of the art that hangs in our institution is less than stellar. I had to wait a week before he had time to come and help me pick out a new piece from storage.

As we walked up to the storage room, I was filled with a bit of dread. I was hoping for something by Gauguin or something similar, but was expecting to come out with asome abstract wolf collage or some such thing. We walked into the storage room and he began brining out pieces. The first one caught my eye. It was a well imitated portion of Gauguin’s Tahitian Women on the Beach circa 1891.  It had only one woman on it, sitting on the sand, staring down. She was dressed in a red skirt and a white top, a yellow bow gracing her jet black hair. The frame wasn’t quite the fit I was looking for, but the picture as perfect. What were the odds that I would find exactly what I was looking for? It turned out the piece had been done by the art professor himself in the mid-70s. Delightful. I knew it was too good to be student art work. Sorry students, but our school just doesn’t put out work of this calibre.

So now, I’m delighted everytime I wander into my office and see my gap is gone, and the place is filled by a Tahitian woman, sitting on the beach.

  1. I love that painting – I think I had a cheesy plastic tray with a print of it at one time. I’m so glad you found something better than those dreadful sunflowers. Can’t wait to see it!

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