Refuse to be Passive

Two More Weeks

In Life in General on August 14, 2009 at 8:05 pm

Only fourteen more days. That’s right. Fourteen. Then, a life changing thing happens: I move. Not only am I moving, but I am moving to a place with no roommates. I have lived with roommates for the past five years, and now it’s time to spend a year (at least) on my own. Delightful! No frustrations due to different lifestyles or view of life. No more movies interrupted, or week-old dishes in the sink. It’s time for freedom! The only thing that makes me slightly nervous about this, however, is that I may find living on my own a little boring after a time. At least with roommates there’s always drama, even if it’s rarely good drama. But maybe now I’ll actually take the time to pick up the guitar that’s sitting in my bedroom and learn to play it. Maybe now I’ll have people over for dinner. Maybe now I’ll…or maybe not. What the future holds, nobody knows! Anticipation is the word of the day.


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