Refuse to be Passive

From Mundane to Extrordinary

In Art, Life in General on August 7, 2009 at 8:36 pm

There is a picture hanging in my office of a paintbrush. It’s done in grey and white charcoal, and is quite realistic. It looks like it took time and effort to complete. I just hung it there yesterday. Today, one of my co-workers wandered into my office and said, “Oh, you have a new piece of art. Odd subject matter.” I looked at it and could see how she would think it odd to just have a picture of a paintbrush hanging on my wall. I smiled slightly and said, “Yes, but I didn’t have a choice of subject matter.” She turned and looked at me, surprised. “Oh, you did it? Well in that case, I’m really impressed!”
It’s amazing how much context matters. Something that may seem odd, out of place, or even boring, becomes amazing when you understand the story that surrounds it. The paintbrush was a piece I was required to do for my introductory drawing class in university. Anyone who knows me has a hard time believing I did this piece, because it looks like it took a fair bit of artistic ability, and my drawings tend to be distorted, and not on purpose. But it’s amazing what you can come up with when you have the right materials and spend an absurd amount of time (36 hours, if I remember correctly) on a project. Humans really do have the ability to do amazing things, it’s just that we are so used to being mediocre, we never expect ourselves to succeed in the extraordinary.


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